Press Releases

    • March 2024 – TraderServe speak on Keeping Markets Moving Panel at FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2024

    • December 2022 – TraderServe sponsor 2022 Algorithmic Trading Governance and Controls conference
    • November 2022 – TraderServe speak on Trading Failures and Regtech panel at 7th annual JWG Regtech conference
    • December 2021 – TraderServe sponsor Algorithmic Trading Governance & Controls Amsterdam 2021
    • November 2021 – TraderServe announces strategic partnership with JWG and sponsors the 6th annual JWG Regtech conference
    • September 2021 – TraderServe speak on “Mitigating and preparing for the new forms of market disorder” at the Algorithmic Trading Controls & Governance Conference
    • December 2020 – TraderServe speak on “Algo Trading Safety: Testing Algorithms for Contribution to Market Disorder” at the Algorithmic Trading Governance & Controls Conference
    • September 2019 – TraderServe lead workshop with regulators and industry participants on “Algorithmic Trading Safety, Disorder & Market Integrity – A Deeper Dive into Algo Stability & Regulation”
    • September 2019 – TraderServe speak on “Automated Testing of Algorithms for Contribution to Market Disorder – Why its Mandatory & How to do it” at Algorithmic Trading Governance & Controls conference.
    • June 2018 – TraderServe speak on “Automated Testing of Algorithms in Simulated Environments – Why its Mandatory & How to Do it” at the Algorithmic Trading Governance & Controls Conference
    • September 2017 – TraderServe speak at “Raising the Bar: Responding to the RegTech Data Management Challenge” round table in London.
    • July 2017 – TraderServe speak on “MiFID II & Fintech” at the BT tower “Are you ready for the MiFID II challenge” panel.
    • June 2017 – TraderServe speak on “MiFID II & Software Testing Challenges” at EXTENT London 2017 conference at the London Stock Exchange.
    • October 2016 – TraderServe speak at Intelligent Trading Technology’s “Countdown to MIFID II webinar”.
    • June 2016 – TraderServe speak on “Building Compliance into Software Quality Assurance” at the QA Financial Forum in London.
    • June 2016 – TraderServe speak on algo testing at MiFID II seminar in Brussels.
    • April 2016 – TraderServe speak on “What are the first steps in stopping market abuse?” at TradeTech Paris.
    • February 2016 – SQS the world’s leading specialist in software quality & TraderServe announce partnership to roll out fully documented AlgoGuard non-live testing consultancy to investment firms and trading venues. link
    • September 2015- Colt & TraderServe announce partnership to deliver AlgoGuard to investment firms and AlgoGuard Arena to trading venues. link
    • March 2014 – TraderServe speak on “Big Data Tools” at the Intelligent Trading Summit.
    • October 2013 – TraderServe speak on “Low-Latency: No Longer a Strategy. So What Is?” at the Low-Latency Summit.
    • June 2013 – TraderServe demonstrates FPGA-based TraderServe Watermark appliance to protect key data revenues with ultra-low latency.
    • July 2012 – TraderServe deploys TraderServe Arena at major exchange delivering next generation participant pre-live testing.
    • April 2011 – TraderServe Speak on “Deploy Fast & Built to Last” at The Business & Technology of Low-Latency Trading.
    • November 2009 – TraderServe announce new real-time trading quality management tools.
    • July 2009 – TraderServe launch new Smart Order Routing range.
    • June 2009 – TraderServe participate in the Ask the Experts Roundtable for the “Algo Trading Attracting the Buyside” A-team Special Report.
    • June 2007 – TraderServe speak on Algo Trading panel at FOA Conference, London.
    • June 2007 – TraderServe launches its Ultra-Low Latency Algorithmic Trading Platform and Service.
    • Nov 2006 – TraderServe announces its range of products for compliance with MiFID best execution requirements at MiFID Joint Working Group conference.

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