• October 2023 – TraderServe launch QuickTest schedule templates – easy to customise to enable firms to get contribution to market disorder testing suitable for their algorithms up and running quickly for major asset classes on multiple venues
  • May 2022 – TraderServe release V11.0 including test schedule customisable templates and enhanced disorder provocation measures for arbitrage and semi-arbitrage trading
  • September 2021 (London) – TraderServe announce v10.0 of AlgoGuard including ultra-low latency capability and increased capacity
  • 2020 – ​TraderServe launch BestExGuard, its Algo Best Execution testing suite.
  • 2019 – ​TraderServe announce V8.0 of AlgoGuard with customisation capability for highly complex multi-asset class ecosystems.
  • 2018 – ​TraderServe adds customised binary compatible order entry gateways to AlgoGuard Connect for clients.
  • ​2017 – ​TraderServe release AlgoGuard Cloud & AlgoGuard Hosted as low cost options for investment firms to meet the MiFID II compliance deadline. For more complex requirements AlgoGuard Enterprise is available.
  • ​2016 – ​TraderServe & SQS the world’s leading specialist in software quality announce partnership to roll out fully documented AlgoGuard non-live testing consultancy to investment firms and trading venues.
  • ​2015 – ​TraderServe & Colt announce partnership to deliver AlgoGuard to investment firms and AlgoGuard Arena to trading venues. AlgoGuard is the third generation of TraderServe’s Algorithmic Stability Testing technology with pass/fail testing of propensity of tested algorithms to cause or contribute to disorderly trading.
  • ​2013 – ​TraderServe develops working prototype of FPGA-based TS-Watermark data watermarking product.
  • ​2012 – ​TraderServe deploys TS-Arena at major exchange.
  • ​2011 – ​TraderServe release version 2.0 of the TraderServe Tickmetrics Data Quality Platform.
  • 2010 – ​TraderServe release version 7.0 of the TraderServe Algorithmic Trading Platform.
  • ​2009 – ​TraderServe develop new real-time data quality management tools.
  • ​2008 – ​TraderServe implement Smart Order Routing product Range.
  • ​2007 – ​The management team buys out the venture capital partners. Development of the ultra-low latency platform and associated services.
  • ​2006 – ​TraderServe introduces innovative transaction cost analysis service to accompany the platform and develops a range of products for MiFID
  • ​2005 – ​Independent distributed pre-trade risk management added
  • ​2004 – ​Trade Controller implemented with automated order state management to manage many thousands of order slices simultaneously in multiple markets
  • ​2003 – Pioneering Flow Manager and graphical Model Building Interface developed.
  • ​Publication of major TraderServe report on Technological Barriers to Pan-European Best Execution in Equities “Breaking the Barriers”.
  • ​2001 – ​ATP, with added client management system and web front end goes live at first broker.
  • 2000 – ​The core ATP platform is spun off into a new company, TraderServe, which raises £1.35m venture capital.
  • ​1997 – ​Quantics fund launches and short-term trading starts in financial futures and US equities.
  • ​1996 – Nick Idelson and Nicholas Hallam form Quantics Limited as a joint venture with the largest foreign exchange fund manager in Europe.
  • New platform ‐ the core of the current ATP ‐ is built.
  • ​1990 – Deployment of distributed real-time environment across 85 processors, including the largest on-line tick database in the world at the time.
  • Nicholas Hallam appointed Chief Model Builder for black box team
  • ​1988 – ​Nick Idelson founds Midland Montagu black box team. Nicholas Hallam joins Nick Idelson to work on real-time logic modelling.
  • ​1986 – ​Nick Idelson starts development on real-time automated trading environment at Midland Bank.
  • ​1980-82 – ​Nick Idelson develops daily trading models for commodity brokers and S class companies.

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