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ATP Overview

The TraderServe Algorithmic Trading Platform (ATP) is a high-performance low-latency real-time process control architecture for algorithmic trading of multiple asset classes. ATP allows business users to rapidly create and effectively deploy powerful trading strategies which can be executed directly or made available to others as web-based strategy templates. 

ATP is an enterprise architecture which can be interfaced to existing client systems and which also provides the internal risk management, security, audit and reporting capabilities needed in today's changing regulatory environment. 

The distributed design allows very high-performance strategies, managing virtually unlimited numbers of order slices across multiple asset classes in multiple venues. Each element of an algorithmic trading strategy can be analysed separately and in combination over market and trading history: this has allowed TraderServe to develop ground-breaking transaction cost analysis techniques.

Seamless automated order state management makes it possible to build and evolve the large-scale real-world real-time strategies you need to gain and keep the edge over your competition. For the vast majority of clients who are not co-located or proximity-located with their execution venues, this facility allows them to gain an edge by adopting what we call a "zero latency" trading methodology ‐ i.e. one where multiple order slices are managed in the market away from the best bid and offer.

ATP's integrated Risk Manager provides extensive protection against trading errors on all possible levels, independent of the model.

ATP architecture is designed to allow remote monitoring and failover locally and between sites.

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TraderServe Architecture Diagram

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All Types of Trading Organisations Benefit 

  • Banks
  • Brokers
  • Fund management companies
  • Software and data vendors servicing this community.


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